Getting in the Halloween mood and drew Frankenstein’s monster this morning. Dr. Frankenstein creates life and ponders if that makes him a god. His monster would therefore be the son of god. So, yeah, Jesus+Frankenstein=This. I also consider Frankenstein’s monster the god of all monsters. SO MUCH SYMBOLISM.

Not really though. Just think it’s fun.


I also submitted this flat print to where it will be voted on and possibly printed.

Figured it would look good printed on a nice kelly green shirt.

If it gets accepted please help me out and vote. You don’t have to register or anything. I’ll update with a link soon. With the Halloween season upon us I hope this makes way.




4 Replies to “Frankenchrist”

  1. This is just plain awesome. I’d wear that on a shirt any day, even if I didn’t know who you were. Can’t wait to vote on it, I’m sure it’ll win!

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